Introducing exotic species outside of their native distributional range is now considered as one of the greatest threat to the environmental and economic health of the planet. Some introduced species become invasive and destruct the local fauna; some others damage it indirectly, by competing with native species for space or food.

Endangered species

Native of the United States, the bullfrog was initially introduced in Gironde in 1968: about 10 specimens were placed by an individual in a private pond. In 2002, the first bullfrogs were detected in Sologne. Particularly voracious, they eat amphibians, birds, insects, fishes, micromammals, reptiles, molluscs and crustaceans.

The species has a very fast and productive reproductive cycle, since it is able to lay batches of up to 25,000 eggs. The bullfrog has thus wreaked havoc on several French ecosystems, proliferating at the expense of local species of amphibians, such as the edible frog, the fire salamander or the marbled newt.

Conservation actions

In collaboration with the CDPNE (Comité Départemental de Protection de la Nature et de l'Environnement – Local committee for the Preservation of Nature and Environment) and the Syndicat d'Entretien du Bassin du Beuvron, the Beauval Nature association participates in a program to eradicate the bullfrog in Sologne, a region recognized for the richness of its species and habitats of European interest. Environmental watch, prospecting, the destruction of clutches, the emptying of ponds invaded by bullfrog tadpoles, information of the general public and local stakeholders… All these actions have already led to a clear decrease in the bullfrog numbers in Sologne.

ormerly present in 83 local aquatic areas, the bullfrog was only colonizing 29 sites in 2010, with densities and average size of individuals clearly decreasing.

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