This sacred bird, honoured by the indigenous communities of South America for thousand of years, is now experiencing a severe decrease in its headcounts.
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Endangered species

The survival of the Andean condor is threatened by several factors: hunting, the poisoning of some of the mammals whose carcasses it eats, and food competition with the other vultures living in its distributional range.

Conservation actions

The Beauval Nature association has chosen to support the foundation BIOANDINA in its project to protect the Andean Condor. This program aims to encourage ex-situ reproduction, create a help centre to shelter and rehabilitate wild individuals, and reintroduce condors in the heart of areas from which they have disappeared.

64 animals have thus already been reintroduced in Patagonia and Argentina. The first wild births (4 in 2009) confirm the success of the program. At the same time, a telemetric follow-up work on more than 42 condors across the Andean mountains allowed to collect data about the birds’ biology, their moves and their habitat predilections.

Education campaigns in rural schools and big towns are also set up to increase the local population’s awareness of the preservation of this emblematic species.

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