Papua New Guinea, in particular the peninsula of Huon, is considered as a hotspot for conservation. A lot of species are indeed endemic to that region, like the tree-kangaroos, marsupials of the genus Dendrolagus.
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Endangered species

Until recently, there were no protected areas in Papua New Guinea, where forests are destroyed at an alarming pace by mining and logging. Tree-kangaroos are thus threatened by the destruction of their habitat, turned into agricultural lands: it is indeed the main means of subsistence for the local populations.

Conservation actions

The Woodland Park Zoo (USA) has worked to create protected areas for tree-kangaroos in Papua. Supported by Beauval Nature, this program is carried out in collaboration with the local farmers, for which are found other ways to earn a living. First of its kind in New Guinea, a protected area located in the peninsula of Huon has been officially created in 2009. This zone stretches over 760 km² and contains 35 villages and a population of 10,000 inhabitants. Thanks to the creation of this area, natural resources (particularly water) are preserved, as well as the species it provides a habitat for, like the Matschie’s tree-kangaroo.

At the same time, density and distribution studies, as well as observations on how tree-kangaroos use their environment, are under way. An education and health program dedicated to the local populations completes these actions.

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