Considered since 1981 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Niokolo-Koba National Park provides a habitat for an extraordinary biodiversity: lions, African wild dogs, West African chimpanzees, elephants, hippopotamuses, giant elands…


However, this biodiversity is unfortunately facing many threats, such as poaching, illegal gold mining, cattle incursions, bushfires and droughts leading to the drying up of ponds and marshes.

In 2011, the Senegal National Parks Management has asked the Panthera organization to take a census of the threatened species of Niokolo-Koba and evaluate their status. The results have shown that African wild dogs and lions were in a worrying situation.

Conservation actions

Beauval Nature supports the Panthera organization in the set-up of a surveillance program and of ranger patrols, with several objectives:

  • prevent poaching, illegal gold mining, logging and illegal agricultural activities ;
  • repair abandoned and dilapidated guard posts in the intervention zone ;
  • set up a local communication network for the rangers and install PoacherCams, automatic triggered cameras designed by Panthera. The organization has incorporated a human detection algorithm into the cameras, that enables them to differentiate between humans and animals. It thus allows real-time transfer of certain images, such as photos of poachers, so that the authorities can intervene quickly ;
  • equip the rangers with the necessary equipment and train them to use it ;
  • take an annual census of the fauna living in the park

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