Like most Callithricidae, cotton-top tamarins use a sophisticated territorial defence system: in case of any potential danger, they alert their fellow creatures with vocalizations, different according to the origin of the intruder (sky, trees or ground). But their territory gets smaller each day…
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Endangered species

Classified as “critically endangered” by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), the cotton-top tamarin is one of the 25 most endangered primates in the world.

The cotton-top tamarin is restricted to a small area of Colombia, in South America, and suffers from the loss of its habitat. Many of them, especially in the past, have also been caught and sold as pets or used in biomedical research. Only 6,000 individuals are left in the wild, and 98% of their territory has disappeared. Every institution housing cotton-top tamarins ex-situ (off-site) has a crucial role to play in the species conservation, by preserving the forest still housing cotton-top tamarins, and by making the general public aware of the necessity of these actions.

Conservation actions

Supported by the Beauval Nature association, Proyecto Titi is a Colombian NGO working to preserve cotton-top tamarins, by studying their behaviour and their ecology in the wild. It also protects and restores their habitat, including by buying lands. The Cotton-Top Tamarin Conservation Club (CTTCC) was created to allow all the institutions housing cotton-top tamarins to become major actors in the species conservation in the wild, by financing Proyecto Titi’s activities. In this context, Beauval Nature has decided to join the CTTCC and thus contribute to preserve an endangered primate.

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