Created in 1949, the IUCN « Species Survival Commission » is a worldwide network regrouping more than 9,000 animal and plant experts.

A worldwide commission

The IUCN is made up of 6 commissions. The Species Survival Commission is the biggest one and includes scientists, field researchers, governments officials and conservation leaders from the entire world.

This commission plays an important role in facilitating political discussions, evaluating species and ecosystem statuses, promoting, extending and enhancing the management of protected areas and natural resources, and finally reinforcing conservation with education, trainings and strategical communication.

Des actions de protection

Besides the financial support of Beauval Nature for the commission’s operations and the implementation of their activities in the world, it is a real opportunity for Beauval Nature to link its team to SSC specialists and to cooperate with the IUCN in planning and evaluating conservation efforts and in developing actions for threatened species.

For example, Beauval Nature members will be trained to the evaluation criteria of the IUCN Red List and will be able to work with SSC experts to evaluate the threat faced by different species. The objective is also to connect Beauval Nature members to groups of experts, in order for them to work together to identify conservation priorities and urgent actions for important species.

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