During the last 30 years, more than half of the mangrove swamps have disappeared from our planet.
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This destruction is a paramount issue in Senegal, where thousand of hectares of mangrove have been destroyed: droughts, the construction of roads preventing water circulation, human activities, logging, have eradicated this habitat, yet essential to men and nature. Many species, including fish and crustaceans, breed indeed in this environment before joining the ocean. The mangrove is also a natural barrier between the ocean and the land and protects the coast from cyclones, storms and swell. It also naturally filters the water, thanks to its roots.

Conservation actions

Faced with this situation, the Oceanium association of Dakar, supported by Beauval Nature, tries to protect and replant the Senegalese mangroves. With the help of local communities and villagers engaged in the project, more than 100 million of mangrove tree seeds have already been planted by hand on 15,000 hectares of land. By replanting, the workers protect the environment and earn a living at the same time. Microcredits have been provided to develop vegetable gardening. This winning strategy supports the local economy and provides a job for the inhabitants, especially women. The project has thus many aspects: ecologic and economic of course, but also social and education benefits. In 2017, a fund-raising campaign on Ulule, a European crowdfunding site, has enabled to collect 15,000 € to restore the Marsassoum mangrove forest. In total, 19,160 € have been collected for this mangrove area, including 8,000 € given by Beauval Nature.

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