Beauval Nature, a non-profit association, has been working in the field for 10 years. We support 56 conservation programmes to protect endangered biodiversity.

Collapsing ecosystems, animals threatened with extinction, deforestation... ZooParc de Beauval has supported conservation programmes for over 30 years. In 2009, the zoo decided to structure this aid through an association: Beauval Nature. Recognised as being of public interest, Beauval Nature can receive your donations and go even further, thanks to you!

We support 56 conservation programmes 12 research programmes worldwide. Our funds come from donations from other zoos, from YOUR donations through sponsorships, through donations given directly, from donations from ZooParc de Beauval, and patrons. A huge thank you to all!

Each programme is carefully selected and works effectively in the field: the reintroduction of condors in the Andes; protection of cotton-top tamarins (adorable little primates) in Colombia; the reintroduction of gorillas born in Beauval in Gabon; conservation and studies on western chimpanzees, classified as critically endangered; monitoring and protection of orangutans in Malaysia; the construction of nests for ground hornbills; funding of radio collars for the reintroduction of pandas in China… These are just some examples among many of our partner programmes' actions.

In 2019, we were proud to award the first Beauval Nature Awards. 4 categories were created, with a public vote, a sponsors' vote, and the participation of two prestigious judging panels for a research award and a special grand prize.

We were pleased to present the following prizes to these extraordinary associations whose work is essential.

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People's choice award

Reintroducing western lowland gorillas

The Aspinall Foundation

Protecting the habitat of cotton-top tamarins

Proyecto Titi

Reintroducing Andean condors


Sponsors and Patrons award

Fighting against rhino horn trafficking

Poaching Prevention Academy

Saving the orangutans and the elephants of Borneo


Protecting the habitat of tree kangaroos

Woodland Park

Jury Prize

Protecting French bats


Stopping songbird trafficking


Replanting mangroves in Senegal


Jury Prize

Mapping the evolution of biodiversity from a water sample


Understanding Psittacidae facial expressions

INRA Centre-Val de Loire

Analysing elephant trunk manipulations