In Borneo, the region of the river Kinabatangan provides a habitat for an extraordinary fauna, including many species of hornbills: white-crowned hornbills, wrinkled hornbills, rhinoceros hornbills, wreathed hornbills, bushy-crested hornbills, black hornbills and oriental pie hornbills.


Hornbills depend on big trees, since they build their nests in the hollows of their trunks. The female, helped by the male, indeed locks itself up into a tree hollow, to lay the eggs and raise the chicks safely. However, the conversion of the forests into palm groves, in favour of palm oil production, decreases the number of sites where hornbills can nest. They only survive into forest islets, sometimes isolated from each other


In partnership with the HUTAN organization, the Beauval Nature association supports a hornbill conservation project, with several objectives:

  • study the different species of hornbills living near the river Kinabatangan, in order to improve knowledge about the bird’s reproduction and migration cycles
  • study the quality of the habitat in these zones and determine the most suitable areas for feeding and breeding
  • settle artificial nests, in order to increase the number of suitable breeding sites
  • train local squads to follow up and protect the different hornbill species
  • develop education programs for local communities, in order to make them aware of hornbill conservation
  • promote hornbill conservation to the general public

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